On the Road Again Part 5: How I’m Staying on Track While Travelling

Tunnel Beach in Dunedin

In the next leg of our journey, we travelled 5 hours south of Christchurch to Dunedin for the week. We’ve been enjoying the natural beauty of the area and visited the Moeraki Boulders and Tunnel Beach. We have also been enjoying the historical and cultural attractions such as the Otago Museum and Dunedin Botanical Gardens. We have been staying in a lovely motel just outside of town. Our hotel room is more akin to a small two bedroom apartment complete with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. After the one room cabin we shared in Hanmer Springs, I’m feeling rather spoiled in these accommodations. 

My diet has been a bit more relaxed since we’ve been in Dunedin. We enjoyed a roasted pork and vegetable pub meal at a hotel the Queen had stayed at when she visited Dunedin decades ago. We also had some amazing stone oven pizza and some delicious Turkish grilled chicken salad. I love how fresh and unadulterated the food is here. Portion sizes in restaurant meals and pre-packaged foods are also much smaller, so I’m not as concerned about blowing my calorie (kilojoule, now) budget. My husband will also share a meat pie or pastry with me if we want a snack. We’ve also been relishing the delicious fall produce, especially the kiwi fruit. The zespri kiwis are so sweet and juicy! They also have a much thinner rind that is comparable to that of a pear and can be eaten whole. I’m irrevocably hooked. 

We have also been getting much more walks here as a family. So much of Dunedin begs to be explored by foot. The track out to Tunnel Beach was very steep and took us about 20 minutes each way. I definitely got my cardio that day! My heart was racing on the climb back up. We’ve completed other walks around the Octagon and through the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. We got a frisbee from a sporting goods store and started playing frisbee with the twins on the local beaches. My husband and I will take a brisk walk on the beach while the kids run around and beach comb. If we come across any parks, we walk laps around the playground while the kids play. Although we aren’t getting particularly intense exercise most of the time, we have been very active in general on this leg of the trip—which has been a welcome change after being in quarantine! 

Next week, we will finally be settling into a new home and I look forward to getting my kids settled in school. This trip has been a wonderful respite from the challenges we faced over the past year. Travel brings such wonderful perspective. I learned that no matter how impossible life feels, there are always better days to come. I’ve also learned that I need to spend more quality time with my family. I want to experience more moments that take my breath away and give my kids more opportunities to explore and just be kids. 

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Remember, be kind to yourself and keep moving forward!

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