On the Road Again Part 4: How I’m Staying on Track While Travelling

Alpine Forrest in Hanmer Springs

Now that we’re finally free from quarantine, we’ve hit the woods! We have been staying in a cabin in Hanmer Springs, about two hours away from Christchurch, for the better part of a week. Our campground is fully equipped with 5G wifi, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and a playground for the kids. Our cabin also has a mini-fridge which makes cooking so much easier. Every day we visit the local grocery store and buy ingredients for our meals and snacks. It is apple season here in New Zealand and the apples here are so flavorful and crisp. I can see why I’ve never liked apples before! Frankly, the food here is in a league of its own. 

In terms of diet, I’ve been managing a lot better this week. I have more control over what I’m eating and cooking my own meals. Last night we grilled pre-marinated chicken breasts and paired it with some mixed greens and brown rice medley for dinner. We usually have lighter breakfasts and lunches because we are busy doing vacation activities like visiting the hot pools or going for a hike. We usually just have a crumpet and coffee for breakfast and soup and sandwiches for lunch. I’m still in grad school, so I’m still busy completing assignments and going to class. My anxiety levels have dropped off immensely—it helps being somewhere so peaceful and quiet. After a long day of hitting the books, I’ll have a beer or two with the peace of mind knowing that I have the calories leftover for it. 

With consideration of exercise, we have been much more active overall since we’re not cooped up in a room. We have gone on hikes, played soccer together, and gone swimming at the hot pools. Getting the kids active again has been a big priority for us. When we aren’t hiking, we are taking the kids to the local park or the campground playground and do laps around the grounds while they play. Today, we are going whale watching in Kaikoura. I’m so excited because last time we came to New Zealand the sea was too rough for tours. I’m looking forward to beachcombing and exploring tidal pools with the kids after. I’m so happy that my girls get to be kids again—just being active and playing outside.

I look at them sometimes and think about myself at that age. I was overweight already at age eight and probably weighed about 40 lbs heavier than they do right now. It makes me so sad to think that I wasn’t raised to have a healthy relationship with food, but I feel at peace knowing that I’m showing them a better way. The twins are so much more active than I was at their age and they eat much healthier food and portion sizes than I ever did. I’ll drink to that—an ice cold DB Export Gold to be exact. 

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Remember, be kind to yourself and keep moving forward.

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